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Bambinos Childcare Centres - Items filtered by date: November 2016
Monday, 07 November 2016 13:59

Knowing Me Knowing You!

Woolwell 1

Thank you to all our children and families that came to our Knowing Me Knowing You event! This was a wonderful opportunity to play alongside key persons and get to know everyone a little more!

Woolwell 2

Family members were treated to some of the children's daily sensory experiences and concoction making....

Woolwell 3

And things got a bit messy!

Woolwell 4

Much fun was had in the tuff spot with sand.

Woolwell 6

The children enjoyed demonstrating their fine motor skills in using tools and pouring and emptying containers.

Woolwell 7

The children particularly enjoyed mark making on the table with foam and giving their fingers lots of exercise!

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