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Thursday, 26 January 2017 12:34

The day a Turbot came to play!

Group fish

What an amazing day full of awe and wonder we had last week at the Plymstock nursery! The children had shown an interest in sea animals recently so a real Turbot was brought in fresh from the fish mongers to extend the children's learning and experience of a real sea animal! The children were highly inspired by this exciting learning provocative and it led to wonderful communication moments and expression form all the children.

Fish Draft 1

Here is an example of an observational drawing one of the preschool children drew independently of the Turbot. The children then looked again at their first drawing and talked about the differences and similarities between the drawing and the Turbot. They looked at the shapes and sizes of various parts and then drew a second draft.....

Fish Draft 2

Wow! The childen were able to sharpen their observational skills and use their knowledge of shape, space and measure to create an improved draft of the Turbot with confidence. The children were so pleased with their work and this was celebrated with each other and their families!

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