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Tuesday, 07 February 2017 18:40

Finger Gym on a weekend!

Our weekend event this term across all Bambinos settings is Finger Gym!

Finger Gym 1

We recognise that children need to develop strength and coordination skills from their shoulders, down through their elbows, wrists and fingers. We help children to develop these skills daily at nursery through many fun and inspiring activities. The Finger Gym event was an opportunity to share some of these methods with our parents and families!

Finger Gym 2

The children loved making marks in a range of sensory trays including flour, lentils and rice. We also had large tuff spots of sand and moon sand for variety. Circles, shapes and lines were made and some letters too!

Finger Gym 3

The children were very good at strengthening their shoulders and elbows when digging in the sand.

Finger Gym 4

The end of the session included a play dough disco! This was lots of fun and we hope all parents and families enjoyed it as much as we did! If you haven't attended a termly weekend event yet, please check your newsletter or our Facebook page for upcoming dates!

Finger Gym 5

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