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patchWe know you have questions, and here are some that we regularly receive. If you think there is something else that should be addressed that you don't see here, let us know and we will add the information.

Will my child start straight away or can they settle in?

We offer every child settling in sessions to ensure a smooth transition at no extra charge. Usually this will consist of two approximately one hour sessions; the first with yourself as the parent/carer to allow your child to become comfortable in their new surroundings and know that it is ok because my parent/carer is with me. The second session is usually without the parents/carer to allow the child to experience nursery with their key person and friends. However this always remains flexible and settling-in sessions will vary in length and frequency depending on the needs of the child and parent/carer. We offer pre-arranged home visits during the settling-in period if required for all children.

What will my child need at nursery?

They will need their own nappies, creams, lotions, their comforter if they have one and their baby formula milk. They will also need at least one change of clothes, a pair of wellington boots preferably to keep at nursery and a suitable coat, winter hat or sun hat weather dependent.

Can my child come to nursery if they have been poorly?

We follow all guidance from the Devon Spotty Book and will advise you on an individual basis. With correct written authorisation we are able to administer prescribed medication from a doctor or a pharmacist.

Are all staff DBS checked?

All staff have an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service Check and are required to subscribe to the DBS Update Service annually as standard with Bambinos. No person is left unsupervised with the children without such checks. Please see our Recruitment Policy for further detail.

Are staff first aid trained?

The majority of all staff at each setting are First Aid trained and we seek to renew this training when required as standard.

Do I need to pay a deposit and registration fee?

Upon registering your child to the nursery an administration fee is required. We require a deposit of 50% of your normal monthly fees which are returned to you at the end of your child’s time with us providing correct notice has been given in writing. Please see our terms and conditions for further detail.

How much notice do I have to give?

We require in writing either one month of notice or payment to the equivalent of one month fees for the place to be vacated. The effective date of notice will be the first day of the month after written notice has been received at the nursery i.e. a written notice received on the 1st August 2016 will become effective from the 1st September 2016. Written notice received on the 2nd August 2016 will become effective from the 1st October 2016. For term time only children, parents/carers must give one full terms (Spring term, Summer term, Autumn term) notice to change from an all year round placement to a term time placement and one full terms notice to change from a term time place to an all year round placement. The notice period for term time places is one full term (Spring term, Summer term, Autumn term).Please see our terms and conditions for further detail.

Can I change my days or sessions booked?

To decrease your child’s all year round sessions parents/carers must give one calendar months’ notice on the 1st of the month to take effect the following month. To decrease term time sessions parents/cares must give one full term notice. Such requests can only be authorised in writing on the required Bambinos forms and be agreed in writing by management. Please see our terms and conditions for further detail.

Do you offer term time only places?

We do offer limited term time places please see your nursery manager for availability.