through individual and inspiring learning opportunities.

We recognise each child as unique and provide for this


Monday, 16 October 2017 13:00

Autumn is here!

We love this time of year! The gardens are full of beautiful colours and crunchy leaves and there is so much for the children to look at! Not only have the children enjoyed experiencing Autumn outside, they have also enjoyed Autumn inside!

Autumn leaves in frames

Children at the Plymstock nursery created autumn leave collages in old photo frames!

Autumn 1

Autumn 3

The babies at the City nursery took great delight in exploring the autumn leaves recently! The colours and the fresh smells were wonderful!

Autumn 2

Autumn 7

This interest led into a sensory painting experience using autumnal colours .... superb learning for our little ones!

Poet 1

Poet 3

Poet 4

We are also very proud of the Tavistock preschool children who wrote their own poems 'All About Me' and have been published into a beautiful book! The Devon Poets initiative helps promote the enjoyment of reading and writing and it certainly sparked some fantastic learning at the nursery! Well done to all our children that took part.

Thursday, 31 August 2017 17:50

August has been bristling with activity!

It has been a busy month in all the Bambinos nurseries as we have been getting ready for the new Autumn term. We have been refreshing and renewing all rooms and have added new and exciting items to create outstanding learning environments for your children. We are looking forward to the new term and all the wonderful happy times ahead!

We would also like to say thank you to one of our preschool children (and mummy) who sent us in this lovely picture. A sunflower seed was planted and grown at nursery in June, then taken home at just 8cm tall. With a bit of love and attention it has grown into an enormous sunflower! Fantastic effort!

sunflower Plymstock

Monday, 31 July 2017 17:51

Its been a jolly July!

What a busy month July has been! It has been emotional as we have waved goodbye to our preschool children off to school and have enjoyed memorable graduation ceremonies. We would like to wish all our children going to school the very best as we send them off with high self esteem and confidence. We have also been busy enjoying the outdoors....

Stilt 1 

Stilt 2

Walking on stilts has been so much fun for the children at the City nursery. Their balancing skills really improved from this fun activity!

Giant 1

Giant 4

And WOW did the children love creating giant bubbles in a tuff spot with a hoop! The children were fascinated by the process and were able to problem solve together when attempting to make the bubbles as big as possible!

Wool water 1

Water play has been a favourite for all the children in the warm July weather at Woolwell.

Bug 2

Bug hunts have been very popular at the Plymstock nursery throughout July as children have enjoyed discovering insects and garden creatures. So much so they helped build a natural tuff spot to continue this play inside!

Sports 5

Sports Day at the Tavistock nursery was fantastic! The preschool children had an amazing energetic afternoon with parents and families.

Sports 4

We look forward to the next parent and family event. Please look out for details in your newsletter!

Tuesday, 20 June 2017 13:59

Fun in the sun in June!

It has been beautiful this month and all the children have been enjoying lots of time outside! Children at the Plymstock nursery have been busy cooking in the garden!

June 2

And enjoying water play when it has been warm....

June 1

Mud pies have been a popular activity recently at the Woolwell nursery and bug hunts!

Pie 1

Pie 2

Pie 3

The children at the Tavistock nursery planted vegetables in the vegetable patch and have thoroughly enjoyed seeing the fruits of their labour!

Harvest 1

Harvest 4

Harvest 3

And we have all been super excited to see the new decking activities coming together at the City nursery!

Deck 1

Deck 2

Deck 3

Deck 4

We look forward to an amazing summer at all the nurseries with lots of fun, laughter and learning! :)


Tuesday, 09 May 2017 12:55

Space Day!

The children became astronauts and explorers for the day last week for Space Day!

Space 2W

PS Space

Individual rooms were transformed into Space Stations for children to experience!

PS Space 2

Space themed activities were top of the agenda and the children were highly engaged in all of them.

PS Space 3

We tried to see the moon!

PS Space 5

Children were able to develop hand eye coordination with this space rocket activity and follow the lasers!

Space 1

Children of all ages thoroughly enjoyed all sorts of creative play including sticking and painting planets and making rockets.

Space 4

Space 5

Space 8

Lunchtime was particularly fun with a space theme too!

Space 6

Monday, 20 March 2017 20:19

The joys of Spring!

We have been very busy at the Plymstock nursery this month learning lots of new skills such as self serving! Meal times present many learning opportunities including social skills, fine motor skills and now the ability to manipulate and effectively use utensils to serve! The children are thoroughly enjoying this development.

Self serve 1

Self serve 2

Self serve 3

The children at the City Nursery have been learning about the Enormous Turnip, farmyards and worms! With all the rain we have been having recently the worms have been out and the children have taken great delight in searching for them! 

Turnip digging

Farm 2

Worms 1

The Tavistock nursery has been inspiring the children with tuff spot play! Skilled practitioners tuned into the children's interests and presented the children with interesting resources to engage with. Recently they have had animal themed tuff spots and even a snow inspired train track!

Tuff spot 2

Safari Tuff Spot

Train track snow

The children at the Woolwell nursery have been feeling creative! They have been developing their skills when grasping and manipulating paint brushes and tickling their toes at the same time! The preschool children have also been completely engrossed in dinosaur play! An awe inspiring dinosaur corner has presented the children with endless play options and has enabled some fantastic communication!

Baby feet 1

Dino tuff spot

We are all looking forward to April and what Easter may bring!


Tuesday, 07 February 2017 18:40

Finger Gym on a weekend!

Our weekend event this term across all Bambinos settings is Finger Gym!

Finger Gym 1

We recognise that children need to develop strength and coordination skills from their shoulders, down through their elbows, wrists and fingers. We help children to develop these skills daily at nursery through many fun and inspiring activities. The Finger Gym event was an opportunity to share some of these methods with our parents and families!

Finger Gym 2

The children loved making marks in a range of sensory trays including flour, lentils and rice. We also had large tuff spots of sand and moon sand for variety. Circles, shapes and lines were made and some letters too!

Finger Gym 3

The children were very good at strengthening their shoulders and elbows when digging in the sand.

Finger Gym 4

The end of the session included a play dough disco! This was lots of fun and we hope all parents and families enjoyed it as much as we did! If you haven't attended a termly weekend event yet, please check your newsletter or our Facebook page for upcoming dates!

Finger Gym 5

Thursday, 26 January 2017 12:34

The day a Turbot came to play!

Group fish

What an amazing day full of awe and wonder we had last week at the Plymstock nursery! The children had shown an interest in sea animals recently so a real Turbot was brought in fresh from the fish mongers to extend the children's learning and experience of a real sea animal! The children were highly inspired by this exciting learning provocative and it led to wonderful communication moments and expression form all the children.

Fish Draft 1

Here is an example of an observational drawing one of the preschool children drew independently of the Turbot. The children then looked again at their first drawing and talked about the differences and similarities between the drawing and the Turbot. They looked at the shapes and sizes of various parts and then drew a second draft.....

Fish Draft 2

Wow! The childen were able to sharpen their observational skills and use their knowledge of shape, space and measure to create an improved draft of the Turbot with confidence. The children were so pleased with their work and this was celebrated with each other and their families!

Monday, 12 December 2016 10:49

Woolwell Christmas Tree!

Woolwell Tree

A wonderful festive evening at the Woolwell nursery! Woolwell's first community Christmas tree has been put up outside the nursery and was lit up by one of our preschoolers! Thank you to local Councillor Nicky Hopwood and all volunteers from the Woolwell community to make this possible. We are looking forward to next year already!

Monday, 07 November 2016 13:59

Knowing Me Knowing You!

Woolwell 1

Thank you to all our children and families that came to our Knowing Me Knowing You event! This was a wonderful opportunity to play alongside key persons and get to know everyone a little more!

Woolwell 2

Family members were treated to some of the children's daily sensory experiences and concoction making....

Woolwell 3

And things got a bit messy!

Woolwell 4

Much fun was had in the tuff spot with sand.

Woolwell 6

The children enjoyed demonstrating their fine motor skills in using tools and pouring and emptying containers.

Woolwell 7

The children particularly enjoyed mark making on the table with foam and giving their fingers lots of exercise!

Thursday, 22 September 2016 12:47

The Autumn term so far!

Welcome to all our new children and families and a warm hello to all our existing children and families! The children have settled in beautifully into the new term. The Autumn term is a wonderful season full of exciting moments and learning opportunities that we look forward to sharing with you over the next few months.

Plymstock digging Sep 2016

We have been enjoying the rain and the shine this September and discovering what we can find and do in the garden!

Plymstock balancing Sep 2016

Creating pathways and different ways to move around has enabled high quality problem solving opportunities and the children have realy enjoyed challenging themselves and their peers in this play.

Plymstock Foil painting

Indoors the children have been experimenting with mixing colours and painting on different surfaces such as foil! Presenting the children with alternative tools has helped widen their understanding of mark making and has resulted in some lovely memorable moments for them!


Fun, investigation and problem solving was the theme of the day at Plymstock during the recent Maths is fun morning!

Jax Water play

Children, parents, carers, brothers, sisters and staff all had a wonderful time exploring maths and we hope to see you all again at our next weekend event!

Maths morning

Monday, 13 June 2016 00:00

Outstanding for the second time!

We are delighted to have received our new logo today! Well done to Bambinos Plymstock for achieving another Outstanding grade again!

Outstanding Colour EY