through individual and inspiring learning opportunities.

We recognise each child as unique and provide for this

Partnerships With Parents, Reviews & Testimonials

sweetBambinos recognises parents/carers as the primary carers and educators and we recognise the essential role they play in their child’s development.

We promote and maintain a partnership with parents to take part in nursery life whenever possible. We hold regular events such as Play and Stay afternoons, home learning events, and themed days during the year where we welcome parents/carers into the nursery to share in the learning with your child.

We offer opportunities to discuss your child’s progress and development with your child’s key person at Parent Afternoons/Evenings during the year, and parents/carers can always discuss any issues with your child’s key person before or after sessions.

To ensure you keep up to date, there is a parents notice board in the main entrance hallway, upcoming events are advertised on posters in and around the nursery and we produce a monthly newsletter that is sent/emailed with your monthly invoice.

For better two-way communication, a contact book is sent home daily with your child in the Baby Unit and the Toddler Unit that helps you to share in your child’s experiences. This details factual information, eg sleep times, but also notes the activities that your child has enjoyed throughout the day. At the rear of the book, there is space for you to write down any information you would like to give your child’s key person.

We ask all parents/carers to inform us of any experiences or achievements your child has had outside of the nursery so that we may document this learning in the Learning Diary and so that it can be used to directly plan for your child. Parent Partnership Slips are available in each room for this purpose.

Any comments you have are important to ensure we continue to meet your requirements. We have a Parent/Carer Comments Box in each hallway or you can talk directly to the nursery manager, the nursery deputy, or the senior member of staff in your child’s room.

Alternatively you can arrange a convenient time to discuss any issue with Senior Manager Nicola James. All comments will be treated as strictly confidential.


Reviews & Testimonials


Review from Oliver's mummy

Bambinos Plymstock truly delivers an outstanding level of childcare. More importantly Bambinos is like a 'home away from home'. Our son could not be happier and we know that we never need to worry. The staff really care and show a passion and commitment for what they do. Our son's development and safety has always been their number one priority. We are absolutely delighted we chose Bambinos and we have never been let down. Our expectations have only ever been exceeded - Thank you Bambinos.

Oliver's mummy


Review from D&C Primmer

The lasting impression I have of Bambinos is that my children all thoroughly enjoyed their time here and remember it fondly. I remember having to wait as they didn't want to leave until they had finished their snack and we would come away with lots of paintings to put on the fridge. The Christmas nativities and Graduations ceremonies were some of my best memories.

When the time came for my youngest child to start nursery, it was the start of a new journey for me as she has physical and learning disabilities. It really helped that you arranged lots of transition sessions and conducted frequent meetings with her health professionals and made great use of the inclusion team. Although she has disabilities, by providing the care that she needed you have given her a similar great experience as my other 3 children had at Bambinos. The SENDCo has developed into a very professional and experienced SENDCo and we are really grateful for all of her dedication and work, particularly successfully completing the EHC plan. It is really wonderful to see children with a range of abilities and disabilities, to me the disabilities disappear and you just see the children.

Of course there have been changes at Bambinos over the years, you found a number of outside spaces and transformed them into play areas, so the children have even more opportunities for fun.

We leave Bambinos a safe and secure nursery in a great location, with impressive facilities, warm caring staff that are learning and developing all the time and wonderful SEN support. Thank you for your patience and flexibility over sessions, tailoring to my changing needs!

I would recommend Bambinos to anyone I know, I've had babies, bright forward toddlers and a child with disabilities attend and they have all been safe, well looked after and been in a good position to start school and most of all they have enjoyed their time with you. As a family we would like to express our thanks and wish you continued success.


Review from S.Higginson

I can't thank you all enough for all the help, support, love and care you have given myself and my family over the past 7 years. Not forgetting to mention the shoulder to cry on, laughs and smiles along the way. There has never been a day with any of the 4 children have I had to worry that they are not happy, cared for and receiving a home from home environment. I still remember the 1st day of my 1st child and my 1st tear at him growing up that was quickly wiped away by a newly hired Shannon. Over the years I have seen many people come and go but the original staff still remain and have formed the structure and foundations of Plymstock Bambinos in the management team who are confidently and professionally led by Lynsey.

As my children's final days arrive at the setting it is important to recognise and commend the fantastic work you all do and the exceptional parent teacher links you create. I'm welling up now.... Well done and thank-you.


Review from V.Howitt

My child started at Bambinos City Centre nursery at the beginning of May (2017) and I have been very happy with the level of care she receives. With working in childcare industry myself I found choosing the correct nursery for my little one a hard challenge. But I cannot fault the baby room staff in this setting they are very warm and welcoming and the level of care my daughter receives is outstanding. Everything is recorded in a daily dairy which we can take home each day which is fantastic as you can always look back on it regarding food/sleep and toileting when returning home as a reminder, as at pick up time it's hard to remember everything, as you also receive very detailed verbal feedback of your child's day. The activities they do throughout the day seem very stimulating for the children and most importantly FUN! I also feel the nursery manager has a lovely homely vibe which is perfect for young children.


Review from T.Matthew Wood

Amazing place for our children x Lovely staff and great atmosphere.


Review from R.Glade Richards

My daughter attended Bambinos since just before her 2nd birthday, she was struggling to string sentences together whilst learning two languages, being an only child didn't have many other children the same age to interact with. She is now 3 & 1/4 and has a wide vocabularly and excels in all parts of learning. I thank Bambinos for the outstanding attention to detail that they pay to each individual child's needs and their endeavour to work with the parents to further the learning and enjoyment that should be found in these key years of growth. Helping fashion a welcoming place for children of all ages is no easy task but in each of these nurseries they have achieved this and will do so for many years to come I am sure. If you care about your child's future then Bambinos is the place that can give them the attention and care they need, it's like a caring family.


Review from R.Palmer

Great family run nursery where I worked for over 10 years. I only left to become a tennis coach and the experience I gained from Bambinos has helped me become a great tennis coach. All staff and management team work hard to ensure a safe and fun environment for your children.


Review from N.Jenkins

It can only be Bambinos when choosing who to look after your own little bambinos. They are as professional as they come. Catering for all your child's, needs couldn't recommend them enough.


Testimonial from Thomas

To everyone at Nursery
I've made some cakes for you
With weird green icing, and special love
To say "Thank You" for all that you do

I can't believe it's been so long
Since I began my time with you
Who would have thought I'd change so much
And even learn to 'poo'!

Thomas 1

I wouldn't be the same boy now
If it wasn't for you all
You've helped me with big hurdles
And been at my beck and call

When I met you all in May last year
I hardly spoke a word
I still had nappies on my bum
And now that seems absurd!

Thomas 4

I wouldn't sit still and play at all
I didn't know what to do
But you had patience and kind hearts
So with baby steps I grew

We've had some help along the way
And challenges to face
But my mummy should have remembered
It's never been a race!

Thomas 5

I will always be 'Thomas'
A happy, cheerful, boy
Everyone is different
But we're all filled with joy

I leave Bambinos with a happy smile
With many new friends made
To go into my 'big school' soon
But my memories will not fade

Thomas 2

Thanks again for all your care
Your hugs, your smiles, the fun
I won't forget the adventures
But now I have to run

My mummy seems sad to say goodbye
But in my usual way
I take her hand to the door
And say "we see Steph today?"

Thomas 3

It really has been lovely
And I'll miss you all a lot
But I'm growing up you see
And I'll be Spider-Man....incase you had forgot!

"Thank you" from Mummy and Daddy
They bring me here with trust
And love to see my changes
(And change really is a must)

Thomas 6

They seem to be quite happy
With everything you've done
And working full time as they do
They like that I'm here having fun

So all that's left to do today
Is play for one last time
Let's have a blast, get messy and laugh
For this is the end of my rhyme....