Fabulous February!

The Bambinos approach
August 21, 2018
Guidance and legislation
August 23, 2018

The nurseries have all been so busy enjoying inspirational play and enriching activities this month! Here are some snippets…

Cling film

Truly outstanding play and learning opportunities here – the environment was certainly the third teacher here and the children were completely engaged in this form of painting!

Den 3

The RSPB came to visit us again and the children learnt all about their natural environment.

Den 4

So much so they continued their play indoors and made a superb den!

Den 1

This provided the children with endless possibilities within their imaginative play.

Pebble 5

Oh my goodness the children were thrilled when they found two Plymouth Art pebbles outside the nursery! Many of our children and families join in with the pebble phenomenon that is spreading so much delight.

Pebble 6

This was the other pebble found!

Pebble 7

This certainly made the children’s day and as such we joined in the fun and re-hid them!

Pebble Plymstock

One appeared outside the Plymstock nursery which was soon to be found and re-hidden…

Pebble woolwell

And one was found outside the Woolwell nursery!

Chinese New Year

And last but not least, the children have thoroughly enjoyed learning about Chinese New Year and the year of the dog. Happy Chinese New Year from everyone at Bambinos!

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