The Bambinos approach

April in action!
August 21, 2018
Fabulous February!
August 21, 2018

We cannot wait to roll out the Bambinos approach to all Bambinos settings over the next year! This provocation room incites such strong emotions from children and adults alike. Our recent Ofsted inspectors were “blown away” by the beautiful environment!

Prov 1

The city nursery has transformed many children’s areas to invoke curiosity and wonder in children’s play and has adapted the Bambinos approach.


Children are fascinated by the heuristic and natural resources around them.


Children are given the independence to explore and become confident learners in their environment.


All seven areas of learning are experienced and present whilst interacting in the provocation room.


Problem solving, communication, expression and a heightened sense of well-being are just a few positives observed of the children whilst they are busy at play here.


Children delight in using authentic items in symbolic play and confidently take the lead in their journey of discovery!


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