Mud glorious mud!

February 2021 Newsletters
February 3, 2021
Happy Chinese New Year!
February 11, 2021

What fun the preschool children at Plymstock have been having recently! They have been continuing with their chosen mud play and it has been wonderful to watch and listen. They have been busy problem solving as they decided it was too slow, so what could they use to make it go faster? One child decided they needed to sit on something like he did at an adventure park with his mum so he got the staff to test out trays and give them a helping hand to set off. They have also been exploring the mud to paint including their bodies and faces. There has been talk about speed, going fast and slow and different textures such as hard, soft and sticky, colours, construction ideas and how to keep safe. The children built the tyres around the bottom as the children said it would keep them safe.

Wonderful and skilful interventions from highly knowledgeable staff facilitated excellent learning experiences for all the children.

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